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SoftView is a product that allows monitoring the performance of a Unisys mainframe and identifies consumption of hardware components and the usage of this components by workloads.

This includes three modules that are executed on mainframe, responsible for collecting static and dynamic information about hardware and applications behavior. Other 2 modules are executed on desktop and are responsible for generating graphic reports.

There is a parameter file that allows you to divide 24 hours a day into ten different intervals. All collection data will be consolidated within these intervals, allowing you to visualize resource consumption by applications in specific periods of the day.

Collect Module

This module has three programs: SW/OBJ/PHOTO, SW/OBJ/LOG and SW/OBJ/LINCLOG. The first one(PHOTO) is responsible for dynamic collect information from hardware components, like processor, memory and IO, and programs/jobs in execution. These information are recorded into files per day basis. Percentage of processor for user, Mcp, Idle activities and ready queue, besides disk utilization and queue and use of memory, are recorded in a file on 15 seconds interval. A snapshot of all processes in execution, with its processor time, ready queue time, IO time, are recorded in a file on 5 minutes interval. The second program(LOG) is responsible for collect information from SUMLOG. Every day, all closed SUMLOG files are processed by LOG, according to a parameter file. Up to four files could be generated containing static information of program and job executions. The third program(LINCLOG) is used to collect data from EAE LINCLOG files that allows obtaining online transaction profile.

Report Module

This module is responsible for generate textual reports and consolidate data as requested in the parameter file. It uses files generated by Collect module(PHOTO, LOG and LINCLOG) and can generate a consolidated file that needs to be transferred to desktop for use in Graphic module. There are three programs in this module: SW/OBJ/HARDWARE, SW/OBJ/SOFTWARE and SW/OBJ/TRANSACTIONS.

The HARDWARE program creates reports for hardware information, such as processor, memory and disks. The SOFTWARE program creates reports for workloads and a parameter file can be used to group tasks in different views of originally collected data. The TRANSACTIONS program creates reports related to Ispec executions in a EAE system.

SoftView has the following default reports:

  • Processor utilization
  • Memory Utilization
  • IO/Disks Utilization
  • Program Execution by Processor Utilization
  • Program Execution by Memory Utilization
  • Program Execution by IO Utilization
  • Program by Execution Number
  • Files Activities
  • Workload Report
  • Ispecs by Execution Number
  • Ispecs by Response Time
  • Ispecs by Total Utilization

Real-Time Module

This module has one program, SW/OBJ/INST, that allows viewing hardware and programs consumption on a real time basis. There is a basic screen where processor, memory and disk utilization can be seen in configured refresh intervals. Some commands can be sent to execute specific functions such as viewing information about running programs.

Graphic Reports

This module is executed in a desktop and uses files with data processed by HARDWARE, SOFTWARE and TRANSACTION programs. This files must be loaded in SoftView historical database that can be accessed to generate graphical and textual views for any desired period. These reports can be visualized or printed.

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